The MiniPiRack™ is a small desktop Linux cluster.

Design to run headless like a VM or a cloud instance, the MiniPiRack™ is built around the Raspberry Pi v3.  The MiniPiRack™ ships with Hypriot OS pre-installed and supports many other Linux distributions.



    • Three Raspberry Pi v3
    • 12 total cores – 4 cores per Pi
    • Memory: 3 GB total – 1 GB per Pi
    • Storage: 16, 32 or 64 GB per Pi on a Micro SD card
    • Size: ~50 cubic inches – 3.25″ x 2.8″ x 5.5″
    • Ethernet switch built in, up to 100Mbps
    • Power supply included
    • One ethernet jack for network input
    • One ethernet jack for adding additional MiniPiRacks™
    • Ready to use in 20 seconds and three easy steps
    • Designed to scale

    Everything is included to set up your own desktop Linux cluster in seconds.  Nothing else is needed (other than a network cable to plug into your router.)

    What’s in the box?

    • 1 MiniPiRack™ including:
      • Three Raspberry Pi v3
      • Three SD cards with Hypriot OS Linux pre-installed
      • Built-in ethernet switch
      • 1 power supply
      • 1 power cable for the power supply

      How to Get Started with the MiniPiRack™ in Four Easy Steps

      1. Unbox the MiniPiRack™ 
      2. Plug in a network cable from your router to the MiniPiRack™
      3. Plug in the power supply
      4. Go!

      Designed to Scale

      The MiniPiRack™ is designed to give you as many Linux instances you need, three at a time.  Adding more is as simple as getting another MiniPiRack™, clicking them together, connecting a network cable, connecting a power cable and start working.  No other items or setup is required.

      …When another VM just won’t get the job done.