About Us

Chris Weaver, Chief Maker

I’ve been making products in one way or another my entire life. Early in my career I worked at VTEL to help create one of the most advanced video conferencing systems in the world. After that, I worked at a company that eventually became Polycom. Me and a small crack team created the next-generation video conferencing system and that product dominated the world for years. Since then I’ve worked on media gateways (think “Apple TV” way before Apple even made the iPhone), video surveillance systems, smart bathtub systems, wifi connected light switch systems, a device like the Nest thermostat before Nest even got started, and even a device that automatically puts the toilet seat down. Now, after running into the same issue time again when working on data pipelines or large cloud-based apps, I’m bringing the MiniPiRack™ to the market so anyone can have a tiny Linux cluster that sites on their desktop.

I have 12 current patents on various inventions. I’m a proud graduate of Acton School of Business and a TechStars Alumni (Austin 2013). My undergrad degree is in computer science with dual minors in math and physics.

Along with me I have a solid team of engineers and advisors who help when I need assistance. As MiniPiRack™ grows, many of these will join up full time to help accelerate the next generation of products.

In my spare time I play cello, ride my Harley, drink cheap beer and play with my dog.

I’m PASSIONATE about making great products that improve people’s lives.

Kali is an American Hairless Terrier. She’s an avid lover of the sun, being outdoors and licking everything. Seriously. Everything. Her favorite treats are bacon, bacon and bacon, in no particular order.

She excels at conflict resolution, task distraction and nap time.