MiniPiRack Runs Linux (x3!)

If you use Linux and can use ssh, you’ll be right at home.

The MiniPiRack runs three independent instances of Linux connected via 100 Mbit connection using an internal switch. Each Linux instance can run any Linux-compatible software*.

Install WordPress

Install WordPress using apt-get

Install Nginx

Install Nginx using apt-get on the MiniPiRack

Monitoring Linux with HTOP

Monitoring Linux with HTOP on the MiniPiRack

Java HelloWorld Example

Compiling and running java code on the MiniPiRack

We’ve successfully installed and run all of these on the MiniPiRack:

If you have questions about a specific software package or would like a specific video example, please reach out!


* Binaries may need to be recompiled if apt-get or other installation processes don’t automatically provide that step. But that’s easy, too!